Employment Stability and Capacity-Building Seminar in Indonesia

The employment stability and capacity-building seminar organized jointly by JILAF and the Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions (CITU) was held in Bogor in the province of Western Java, Indonesia, from February 22 to 24, 2011. The seminar was attended by 30 young trade union leaders under 40 years of age from nine industrial organizations affiliated with the CITU.
The principal objectives of the seminar were to strengthen and consolidate the organizational base of the CITU and to develop human resources.
The seminar consisted of basic lectures on such topics as the labour situation in Indonesia, the role and necessity of trade unions, social security, labour law revision, the Global Jobs Pact, and an introduction to the functions and role of labour unions in Japan, as well as group discussions.
In the seminar, one topic that attracted an especially high level of interest was reform of the social security system (JAMSOSTEK), which Indonesian trade unions are pressing for in a joint struggle. The talk on this issue was given by Vice-President Ridwin Monoarfa of the Federation of Indonesian Metalworkers Unions (FSPMI), who is also a member of the Social Security Revision Committee. As the pillars of reform, he emphasized the administration of state-owned enterprises as private trust funds, the application of social security to all people, and the expansion of services, including old-age pensions and so on. The participants agreed with these ideas.
The participants made such comments as "We need more opportunities like this to study and discuss" and "I want to take what I learned in this seminar back to my industrial organization and union and report to my colleagues."
In the closing ceremony, CITU President Thamrin Mosii expressed his expectations of the participants, saying, "It is important for young leaders who will drive the next generation to have a high level of self-esteem and, for the development of the labour movement in our country, from now on also to accumulate various experiences and engage in activities for the sake of workers."


02/21MonMeeting with the CITU
02/22TueSeminar 1st day
02/23WedSeminar 2nd day
02/24ThuSeminar 3rd day

Photos of the Participants

Opening ceremony

Presentation of content of discussions

JILAF lecture

Lecture on reform of the social security system

Awarding of seminar completion certificates

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