Workplace Environment Improvement Seminar in Indonesia

The workplace environment improvement seminar organized jointly by JILAF and the Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions (CITU) was held on the island of Batam in Riau Province, Indonesia, from October 16 to 18, 2010, and in the city of Makasar in Southern Sulawesi Province from October 20 to 22, 2010. The two seminars attracted a total of 48 participants from organizations affiliated with the CITU (25 participants in Batam and 23 in Makasar).
JILAF introduced the workplace environment improvement project in Indonesia in 2005, and over the last six years many trainers have been fostered who are able to give guidance to environment improvement activities in the workplace. In order to promote independent project development by the CITU from now on, these were the final two seminars by JILAF.
Among other activities, the final two seminars consisted of sharing improvement examples among the participants themselves, inspecting a workplace on the basis of an industry-specific checklist, studying and discussing examples in six areas, making improvement proposals, and compiling action plans.

Results in Indonesia
The results of the six-year effort conducted on the basis of collaboration with the CITU include (1) the practice of independent activities in each workplace; (2) the proposal of low-cost and effective risk-reduction measures and the introduction of methods that can contribute to workplace environment improvement; and (3) contribution to strengthening the organizational base of the CITU through the nurturing of trainers.
On the other hand, there are problems remaining. In particular, it remains to be seen how the CITU headquarters, in cooperation with its regional branches and affiliated industrial organizations, will back the trainers fostered through the project and enable them to continue their activities. Since the financial support provided by JILAF has now ended, the CITU will be required to be even more creative from now on. JILAF will encourage independent activities by the CITU and is considering the implementation of monitoring and so on.


10/15FriMeeting with the CITU, preliminary visit to plant
10/16SatSeminar 1st day (plant visit/compilation of manufacturing industry checklist)
10/17SunSeminar 2nd day (compilation of module for all industries)
10/18MonSeminar 3rd day (compilation of checklist for all industries)
10/19TueMeeting with the CITU, preliminary visit to hospital
10/20WedSeminar 1st day (hospital visit/compilation of checklist)
10/21ThuSeminar 2nd day (compilation of module for all industries)
10/22FriSeminar 3rd day (compilation of checklist for all industries)

Photos of the Participants

Studying with games

Lively Q&A session

Hospital visit

Plant visit

Participants selected outstanding improvement examples by voting.

Seminar participants