Eurasia Team

JILAF invited eight persons (including four women) from seven organizations in seven countries to visit Japan from November 28 to December 11, 2010.

Through the program as a whole, the Eurasia Team participants learned about such topics as Japan's labour-management relations, labour legislation, productivity movement, social security system, and relationship between politics and the labour movement.
In the Rengo Akita program, after paying a courtesy visit to the governor of Akita Prefecture, the participants visited the Akita Thermal Power Station of Tohoku Electric Power Co., the Hello Work Akita employment office, and other places. Since the countries of the participants face serious employment conditions, they were especially interested in the system of job introductions and unemployment benefit functions and enthusiastically engaged in discussions. They also deepened their understanding of the Japanese labour movement through discussions and exchange with executives and the Youth and Women Committee of Rengo Akita.
At the Japan Productivity Center, the participants heard explanations of the postwar history of the productivity movement in Japan and its three guiding principles and commented eagerly that they wanted to continue studying this topic after their return home.
In the visit to an industrial organization and workplace, they went to the Saitama Plant of Honda Motor Co. In the discussions with union executives, the participants asked questions about such topics as the wage system, the results of this year’s spring labour offensive, and how collective bargaining and labour-management consultations are actually conducted, thereby deepening their understanding of union activities and labour-management relations.
While recognizing the differences with their own countries, the participants commented, for example, that they wanted to utilize the knowledge they had gained in Japan for the development of the labour movements in their own countries.

List of Cooperating Organizations

Rengo AkitaAkita Prefectural Government
Hello Work AkitaAkita Labour Bureau
Tohoku Electric Power Co. Akita Thermal Power StationAkita International University
Honda Motor Co. Labour Union Saitama Branch (Saitama Plant, Honda Motor Co.)Zenrosai (National Federation of Workers and Consumers Insurance Cooperatives)

Many thanks to everyone.

Photos of the Participants

Labour-related lecture

Visit to the Rengo Headquarters

Courtesy visit to Akita Prefecture Governor Norihisa Satake

Visit to Hello Work Akita

Discussion with Rengo Akita

Thinking about peace at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Visit to the Japan Productivity Center

Visit to the Saitama Plant of Honda Motor Co.

Visit to the Zenrosai Headquarters