Seminar on Labour & Management Relationship in Cambodia

"Seminar on Labour & Management Relationship" was jointly held by JILAF and Council of Trade Union Confederation of Cambodia (CTUCC), 9-10 February, 2011 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with 30 participants. It was the seminar, held in Cambodia as a field project of JILAF for the fast time and became an opportunity to gather members of 3 national centers of trade unions (CCU, CCTU, CLC) in Cambodia together.
In the opening ceremony, Mr Rong Chhun, the representative of CTUCC / President of CCU, made an opening speech as "it would be meaningful that the 3 organizations including CCU, CCTU and CLC have been working together to hold this seminar". I hope that we will learn the experience and activities of JTUC-RENGO on gender equality and employment security.
In the program, JILAF had sessions on "Global Labour Movement" and "Toward Employment Security in Japan" and explained as "workers need to work together with others not only in their own country but also other countries with this globalized economy to tackle with various challenges ahead of us", also introduced the labour situation in Japan including the challenges on non-regular workers.
Mr. Suzuki, General Secretary of ITUC-AP also made a speech as "I am pleased to inform you that CCU and CCTU had joined ITUC, then became that the 3 organizations stand at the same platform together with the ITUC member of CLC."
From CTUCC side, the sessions on "challenges and history of gender equality in Cambodia", "labour movement in Cambodia", "Social Security system in Cambodia" and workers’ right from the point of views of labour laws were made.
The participant made comments as "we learned about the labour situation in Japan, JTUC-RENGO’s activities on gender equality and Japanese system of Labour & Management, "spring labour offensive"". I am interested in the JTUC-RENGO’S initiative to take part in revising or making laws based on their policy on gender equality. We are also making efforts now to revise the labour related laws in Cambodia so that we would like to learn Japanese experience from this seminar.


02/09WedSeminar on Labour & Management Relationship
02/10ThuSeminar on Labour & Management Relationship

Photos of the Participants

Opening Ceremony

Group Works

CTUCC leaders gather together

Solidarity Message by Brother Suszuki, General Secretary of ITUC-AP

CTUCC Session on Social security by Brother Ath Thorn, President of CLC

Group Photo