Thai Workplace HIV/AIDS Educators Project Phase 3
(Mid-Term Seminar on Labour-Management Cooperation for Second-Term Educators)

As part of Phase 3 of the "Training of Peer Educators on HIV/AIDS at the Workplace in Thailand" project, which receives financial support from the Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO Projects scheme of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, JILAF held a mid-term seminar on labour-management cooperation for second-term educators in Samut Prakan, Thailand, from March 5 to 7, 2011. The seminar, which was supported by first-term educators, was attended by 24 participants.
On behalf of the organizers, JILAF Deputy Secretary Kenichi Kumatani addressed the participants, saying, "HIV/AIDS is one of the most serious problems facing Thailand. I want you all to learn a lot about promoting countermeasures through a dialogue between labour and management, acquiring ASO certification [recognized by the Thai government and granted to companies that properly tackle HIV/AIDS], and conducting awareness-raising activities in the community." Next, representing the participants, Mr. Aut, a second-term educator, said with determination, "We are very grateful for JILAF’s cooperation in tackling the problem of HIV/AIDS in Thailand. From now on also we will make efforts to become outstanding educators and tackle the problem of HIV/AIDS in the workplace by accumulating as much knowledge and experience as possible."
In the seminar, among other activities, there was an explanation of the efforts and policies of labour unions relating to HIV/AIDS by JILAF Deputy Secretary Kumatani, a talk on ASO application through labour-management cooperation by labour and management representatives of the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation (GPO) and Erawan, a talk on joint efforts by unions and nongovernmental organizations relating to HIV/AIDS by JILAF Group Leader Tomotaka Inoue, and a field visit to Samut Prakan Hospital. Through group work and discussions, the participants studied methods of establishing labour-management dialogue and reaching out to the community from now on. Finally, the participants compiled action plans for future efforts and agreed on their determination to conduct activities to combat HIV/AIDS in Thailand.
In addition, although no seminar was held for first-term educators this time, they formed pairs and independently held community seminars on three occasions. JILAF observed these community seminars, which were held over a wide area in Uthai Thani Province, Nonthaburi Province, and Bangkok with the cooperation of the heads of the communities concerned. JILAF was able to confirm that the activities of first-term educators relating to HIV/AIDS are spreading at the grass-roots level.
JILAF’s HIV/AIDS project, which has been implemented from phase one to phase three, is scheduled to end with a seminar to be held in July 2011.


03/05SatMid-term seminar on labour-management cooperation for second-term educators
03/06SunMid-term seminar on labour-management cooperation for second-term educators
03/07MonMid-term seminar on labour-management cooperation for second-term educators

Photos of the Participants

Lecture on efforts to combat HIV/AIDS by management and unions

Lecture by JILAF Deputy Secretary Kumagai

"Water exchange" game in a community seminar