Employment Stability Seminar in Thailand

JILAF held a seminar on employment stability through labour-management cooperation in Bangkok on January 21–23. The seminar was attended by 38 persons from eight organizations affiliated to the International Trade Union Confederation Thai Council (ITUC-TC) and Global Union Federations (GUF). As the ratification of the International Labour Organization's Conventions No. 87 and 98 looms in Thailand, the seminar focused particularly on these core labour standards.
At first, on behalf of the organizers, JILAF Vice-President Yasuyuki Nodera addressed the participants, saying, "I hope that the ILO Conventions No. 87 and 98 will be ratified in Thailand. And after ratification, your efforts will be necessary, so I want you to discuss these rights and efforts in this seminar." Next, Japan Council of Metalworkers' Unions (IMF-JC) Assistant General Secretary Masahiro Nogi explained the IMF-JC's organization, saying, "There are many Japanese companies operating in Thailand, and it is important to prevent and settle disputes there. The IMF-JC is making the utmost efforts to tackle this problem."
General Secretary Thawatchai of Thailand's National Congress of Private Industrial Employees (NCPE) then emphasized, "Conventions No. 87 and 98 are expected to be ratified this year, but good labour-management relations have not yet been formed in Thailand. From now on we will engage in various activities and make efforts toward their formation." President Chalee of the Confederation of Thai Electrical Appliances, Electronic, Automobile, and Metalworkers (TEAM) stressed, "In Japan labour and management cooperate for the development of the company. I hope that such Japanese-style labour-management relations spread in Thailand as well."
In the program, among other activities, there were explanations about the latest labour situation in Thailand by ITUC-TC General Secretary Chinnachot Saengsank the IMF-JC's efforts toward employment stability by IMF-JC Assistant General Secretary Nogi; Japan's labour legislation and efforts to protect workers by JILAF Vice-President Nodera; the ILO's core labour standards and recent topics by ILO Officer Koji Wada; moves toward ratification of ILO Conventions No. 87 and 98 by the Thai Ministry of Labour; and labour-management cooperation at Panasonic in Thailand by labour and management representatives of Panasonic. Finally, the participants compiled action plans toward employment stability. The seminar stimulated lively discussions on employment stability and also promoted exchange among different organizations.


01/21FriEmployment stability seminar
01/22SatEmployment stability seminar
01/23SunEmployment stability seminar

Photos of the Participants

ILO Officer Koji Wada explains the ILO's core labour standards.

An explanation of labour-management cooperation at Panasonic in Thailand

Seminar participants