JILAF and ILO Hold Joint Multinational Seminar (August)

JILAF, together with the International Labour Organization (ILO), held a multinational seminar in Bangkok on August 4–7 on the main theme of “Promoting Sound Industrial Relations and Collective Bargaining in MNEs.” The seminar was attended by 24 young trade union leaders from the Asia-Pacific region.
At the beginning of the seminar, after JILAF Executive Director Hisashige Danno and Ms. Alcestis Mangahas, deputy regional director of the ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, had made speeches on behalf of the organizers, First Secretary Hironori Tsuboi of the Japanese Embassy in Thailand expressed profound appreciation for the efforts of JILAF and the ILO and went on to say, “The Japanese government, which at present is aggressively promoting and backing the overseas expansion of Japanese companies, would also like to express its sincere approval of this seminar, which will discuss the prevention of labour-management disputes and constructive industrial relations in multinational enterprises.”
JILAF Executive Director Danno then delivered a lecture titled “Social and Economic Development and the Social Role of the Labour Movement,” in which he raised issues from such perspectives as (1) worldwide changes brought about by globalization and the position of Asia; (2) the response to globalization and future course to be followed based on an understanding of the essence of surrounding environmental changes, including Europe; (3) the disappearance of uniformity and widening of disparities in an environment mixing premodern, modern, contemporary, and ultramodern elements and the role of trade unions; (4) the labour movement’s role in achieving social and economic development and improving national life and the responsibility of leaders; and (5) the upgrading of labour and appropriate distribution of the results of corporate growth to workers.
Next, Mr. Arun Kumar, a specialist at the ILO Turin International Training Center, delivered a presentation titled “Issues of Employment and Industrial Relations in Asian Multinational Enterprises,” in light of which the participants shared information about conditions in their own countries.
As a new activity in this seminar, there was also a panel discussion titled “Toward the Prevention of Labour-Management Disputes in Multinational Enterprises,” in which panelists from Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Bangladesh discussed the state of multinational enterprises, examples of labour-management disputes, and the response of trade unions in their countries. Although conditions are varied in these countries, the panelists agreed that the key to avoiding labour-management disputes is the building of constructive industrial relations.
JILAF Executive Shinichi Hasegawa then delivered a lecture titled “Japanese Industrial Relations and Efforts to Prevent Labour-Management Disputes,” in which he shared Japan’s experience. The participants asked questions about such issues as the Japanese labour-management consultation system and labour agreements, the minimum wage system in Japan, the efforts of RENGO (Japanese Trade Union Confederation), and corporate social responsibility in multinational enterprises.
Furthermore, from the ILO, after lectures on “The Promotion of Labour Standards in Multinational Enterprises” and “Labour-Management Negotiations toward the Realization of Decent Work and Reasonable Wages,” Ms. Aranya Pakaphat, head of international affairs at the IndustriALL Global Union, spoke about the trend of labour-management disputes in multinational enterprises in Asia and countermeasures.
On the final day of the four-day seminar, the participants from 13 countries each presented an action plan titled “Toward the Realization of Decent Work and Sound Industrial Relations in Multinational Enterprises” and engaged in discussions about them.


08/04MonMultinational seminar day 1
08/05TueMultinational seminar day 2
08/06WedMultinational seminar day 3
08/07ThuMultinational seminar day 4

Photos of the Participants

Opening ceremony

Lecture by JILAF Executive Director Danno

Panel discussion (presentation by Thai panelist)

Lecture by JILAF Executive Hasegawa

Lecture by Specialist Arun Kumar of the ILO Turin International Training Center

Presentation of an action plan by a participant