TUCP/JILAF Seminar on Industrial Relations and Productivity

"Seminar on Industrial Relations and Productivity" was jointly held by Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) and JILAF on January 18 - 21, 2011 in Manila, with 29 participants.
The program on Industrial Relations and Productivity has been developed as a new package program to aim at developing instructors at workplaces. This was the third seminar after the first one in Mongolia in September, 2010, second one in Indonesia in December, 2010.
4-day seminar was consisted of mainly 1) Role of Trade Unions, 2) Labour Standards, CSR and Constructive Industrial Relations, 3) Productivity Movement and Trade Union, 4) Social Dialog and Collective Bargaining. The participants discussed how we could achieve Decent Work at respective workplace. In the session of "5S Patrol" which is a practical lesson, we visited Kawasaki Motor Philippines Corporation and leaned many good local examples of 5S and KAIZEN. The participants made comments that "Goal of each session is very clear" "This new program covers comprehensive contents of Industrial Relations and Productivity."
In the closing ceremony, JILAF Deputy Secretary Bro. Kenichi Kumagai said "I believe our new program shall contribute to the development of new trade union strategies which shall tackle those problems, and pave the way towards decent work.


01/18TueMeeting with TUCP, Pre-visit to a factory
01/19WedSeminar Day 1
01/20ThuSeminar Day 2
01/21FriSeminar Day 3
01/22SatSeminar Day 4

Photos of the Participants

Opening speech by Bro. Kenichi Kumagai, Deputy Secretary of JILAF

Group work of "Excellent Restaurant Game"

Factory visit and 5S Patrol

Game of "Finding Problems"

Mock Collective Bargaining

Group photo with all participants