Thai Workplace HIV/AIDS Educators Project Phase 3

JILAF has started Phase 3 of the "Training of Peer Educators on HIV/AIDS at the Workplace in Thailand" project, which receives financial support from the Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO Projects scheme of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The first seminars in the third phase were held in the city of Samut Prakan in Thailand for three days from December 20 to 22, 2010, with a total of 46 participants. Two seminars were held this time, a Follow-up Seminar for first-term educators and a Labour-Management Planning Seminar for second-term educators. The project, which began in March 2009, will end in July 2011.

Labour-Management Planning Seminar
The Labour-Management Planning Seminar for second-term educators was held on December 20 and 21 with 21 participants.
At first, speaking on behalf of the organizers, Secretary General Thawatchai of the National Congress of Private Employees of Thailand (NCPE), one of the four organizations comprising the International Trade Union Confederation Thai Council (ITUC-TC), addressed the participants as follows: "I am delighted that the Training of Peer Educators on HIV/AIDS at the Workplace in Thailand project, which we launched jointly with JILAF, has fostered first-term and second-term educators who are transmitting correct knowledge about how to prevent HIV/AIDS infection to their colleagues in the workplace. However, the infection rate is still high in Thailand. In order to change this situation, it is important for every participant to take action themselves. I want you to learn as much as you can in this third phase of the project and improve your skills as educators."
Next, Mr. Pinyo of the Migrant Workers & Family nongovernmental organization, who screens applications for ASO (AIDS-response Standard Organization) certification, gave an explanation of how to acquire ASO certification. This certification, which is recognized by the Thai Ministry of Public Health, is granted to companies that have taken measures to promote education on the prevention of HIV/AIDS, provide assistance to infected employees, and so on. After that, since it is essential to call for the cooperation of management, the participants produced action plans for the implementation of labour-management consultations.

Follow-up Seminar
The Follow-up Seminar was held on December 20 with the participation of 25 first-term educators. In this seminar, Professor Masamine Jimba of the University of Tokyo gave a talk on basic knowledge relating to HIV/AIDS and the importance of primary health care. The participants, who are implementing seminars to spread HIV/AIDS education among community residents, asked Professor Jimba many questions and showed their sense of mission to solve the problem of HIV/AIDS in Thailand.
A mid-term seminar for second-term educators is scheduled to be held in March 2011.


12/20MonLabour-Management Planning Seminar
12/21TueLabour-Management Planning Seminar
12/22WedFollow-up Seminar

Photos of the Participants

An NGO member explains about how to acquire ASO certification.

Participants learn basic knowledge about HIV/AIDS from University of Tokyo Professor Jimba.

Participants listen attentively to the seminar.