Mongolia Seminar on Labour & Management Relationship and Productivity

"Seminar on Labour & Management Relationship and Productivity" was jointly held by JILAF and Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions (CMTU), 2-4 November, 2010 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia with 30 participants.
In Mongolia, Labour Dispute Settlement Office was introduced by tripartite bodies, labor, management and government, in April, 2008, to each aimag in Mongolia and 6 metropolitan districts of Ulaanbaatar City. Various kind of labour disputes have been settled under the system so far. Based on this background, a seminar was held with the theme on labour tribunal system in Japan in FY2008, and a seminar on both collective and individual labour disputes settlement was held in FY2009. In this year, advanced seminars were held focusing on labour dispute settlement about dismissal and challenge to protect workers in the informal sector in May and dispute settlement about negotiations related to wages for the this time.
Mr. Tetsuji Hirano, as the former President of RENGO-SHIZUOKA, member of Shizuoka Prefecture Labour Committee was joined as a resource person and talked about activities of a local labour committee and showed case examples of labour dispute settlement about wages in Japan.
In the Q & A sessions of the seminar, the participant made comparative discussions between Mongolian and Japanese system of labour disputes. In the group discussion and presentation with the theme of "points to be improved for better labour disputes system in Mongolia", the participant made comments as "like Japan, we should handle labour disputes settlements separately depends on the situations whether the case is collective or individual one.", "I would like to utilize Japanese practices for Mongolian cases although the whole situation including labour and economy system in Japan is very different from Mongolia."


11/02TueSeminar on Labour & Management Relationship and Productivity
11/03WedSeminar on Labour & Management Relationship and Productivity
11/04ThuSeminar on Labour & Management Relationship and Productivity

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Action Planning Session by CMTU President Gambaatar