VGCL Study Team on Japanese Labour Laws

The Study team on the theme of "Japanese labour laws" from Vietnam visits to Japan from December 13 to 19.

Vietnam faces various challenges on employment after the introduction of the market economy and has been advancing concrete discussions on revises of labour laws and trade union laws. Vietnam General Confederation of Labour- VGCL has been involved in this procedure of the revises and dispatched the study team to Japan from 13 to 19 December in order to study Japanese labour laws and reflect views of the labour side to the revises. JILAF and JTUC-RENGO jointly cooperated with this visit on the program.
The participants are VGCL members who are involved in the revises and motivated in their mission to learn Japanese labour laws and place their expertise to the revises.
In the program, the participant studied the Japanese labour laws in general and had in-depth sessions on the specific themes, such as unfair labour practice adn labour dispute settelemnts and the strucature of trade union organisations. They showed strong concerns on the system of labour relations comittion, unjon-shop contract and relashionship between trade unions and politicla parties in Japan.
The participant also made many different queions to the role of the trade unions on "Shunto", spring labour offensive, and the current labour situaion in Japan such as challenge on increasing non-regular workers
In the program, the participant visited to Tokyo Electric Power Compay and Tokyo Electric Paower Workers’Union and received introductions of the union activities including trainings and seminars for the union members. They also visited "Help Desk Center" whicih the company provides servies to the empolyees as a contct point for labour managements and welfare including personnel trasnfers. The participant showed their interests on the activities of full time & part time union officers and made comments as "we would like to make good use of Japanese experiences to strengthen our union activites and labour protections"

Photos of the Participants

Lectures(Dr. Takeuch, Rikkyo University)

Visit to Central Labour Relations Comission

Lectures(Mr. Yano)


Lecture(Dr. Mizumachi, Tokyo University)

Visit to the Federation of Elctric Power related Industy Workers Unions' of Japan

Visit to Tokyo Electric Poer Workers Union

Visit to Workplace (Tokyo Electric Power Company)

Lecture(Dr. Araki, Tokyo University)