Industrial Relations and Labour Policy Seminar in Indonesia

JILAF visited Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, on January 28–29 for an industrial relations seminar titled “Trade Union Strategy in a Global Age.” Held jointly with the Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions (KSPI), the seminar was attended by 89 trade union leaders (of whom 19 were women), including KSPI President Said Iqbal and KSPI General Secretary Muhamad Rusdi. Also attending the seminar, for the first time, was Deputy Chairman Adityawarman of the Indonesian Employers’ Association (APINDO), so it provided a good opportunity to realize a dialogue between labour and management.
KSPI officials and outside speakers delivered lectures on such topics as “Employment Security and Trade Unions in a Global Age,” “The Minimum Wage Law and Political Dynamics in Indonesia,” and “Improvement of Employment and Living Conditions by the Building of Constructive Industrial Relations.” The importance was stressed of sustainable consultations between the government, labour, and management regarding wages and the social security system.
Problems existing in Indonesia include the fact that the minimum wage is less than minimum living wages and social security system is not yet universal. Responding to these issues is the KPSI’s top priority, and strengthening of the capability of trade union leaders to make problem-solving policy proposals has become essential.
The participants actively took part in the lectures and mutual discussions and compiled and shared proposals, as trade unions, relating to wages and social security. Regarding the former, they proposed productivity improvement and the fair distribution of profits. Regarding the latter, they proposed such things as the clarification of social security rules, the expansion of medical facilities and increased number of doctors, and the visualization of remuneration for medical treatment. They affirmed the need for a positive approach toward the solution of the problems.


01/28TueIndustrial relations seminar day 1:
“Employment Stability and Trade Unions in a Global Age”
“Minimum Wage and Political Dynamics in Indonesia”
“Improvement of Employment and Living Conditions by the Building of Constructive Industrial Relations”
01/29WedIndustrial relations seminar day 2:
KSPI-APINDO panel discussion
Mutual discussions, etc.

Photos of the Participants