Workplace Environment Improvement Program (“POSITIVE”) Held in India with the INTUC

The JILAF, together with the Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC), held a basic seminar of the POSITIVE workplace environment improvement programme in Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu, India, on November 23–26, 2013. A total of 26 trade union members participated in the seminar, two each from 13 workplaces in the city, including a Japanese company.

The POSITIVE program is implemented with financial support from the Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO Projects scheme of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This was the second time for the POSITIVE seminar to be held in India; the first time was in the city of Coimbatore, also in the state of Tamil Nadu, in fiscal 2011.

Workplace health and safety tend to get neglected in developing countries. The objective of the POSITIVE programme is to foster trainers so that trade unions can take the initiative and autonomously bring about improvements and thereby to enhance occupational health and safety. The main programme consists of four elements: (1) the storage and handling of materials; (2) workplace safety; (3) productivity improvement; and (4) health and welfare. Because of the programme’s low cost and immediate effectiveness, it is easy for workers to learn and easy for employers to accept as well. In India, the plan is to hold a four-day basic seminar, a four-day training seminar, one-day workplace seminars, and a three-day evaluation seminar from November 2013 to September 2014.

The participants in this seminar studied basic knowledge relating to the above-mentioned four fields and practical methods in the workplace. Although it was the first time for them to take part in this kind of participation-oriented seminar, by the end of the four-day event they had mastered the POSITIVE approach and were able to make proposals for effective improvements. Hopefully, after the seminar, the participants will make and practice suggestions for improvements in their own workplaces. They are scheduled to present reports on their activities in the next training seminar.

(※POSITIVE = Participation-Oriented Safety Improvements by Trade Union Initiative)


11/23SatSeminar Day 1: Factory visit, discussion with employer, etc.
11/24SunSeminar Day 2: Handling of materials, workstations, machinery safety, etc.
11/25MonSeminar Day 3: Workplace environment, health and welfare, protection of the natural environment, etc.
11/26TueSeminar Day 4: Compilation of action plans

Photos of the Participants

Factory visit for practice

Group discussion

Deepening understanding of safety and health through a game