Industrial Relations and Labour Policy Seminar in Nepal

JILAF held a seminar on industrial relations and labour policy in Kathmandu, Nepal, on December 12–13 with the participation of 64 people. This was the first time for JILAF to hold a joint seminar with the International Trade Union Confederation Nepal Affiliate Council (ITUC-NAC), which comprises the Nepal Trade Union Congress (NTUC) and the General Federation of Nepalese Trade Unions (GEFONT), and the All Nepal Trade Union Federation (ANTUF).

The seminar’s main theme was “The role of trade unions in an era of globalization.” The opening ceremony was attended by joint secretary of Ministry of labour from the Nepalese government and an employers’ organization.

In a lecture titled “The social role of the labour movement supporting the economy and society,” a JILAF representative Mr. Hisashige Danno proposed issues from five perspectives in light of changes taking place in the twenty-first century, in particular changes and transformations encompassing workers as a result of globalization and the role of trade unions. The speaker went on to explain that the transformation and experience of industrial relations in Japan were useful for the stabilization of industrial relations in Asian countries, including labour-management relations in multinational enterprises. Among other things, he also emphasized the importance of (1) cooperation for the improvement of company earnings through productivity improvements by every single worker and the building of constructive labour-management relations; (2) the securing thereby of a fair profit distribution and the maintenance and improvement of working conditions; (3) the medium- and long-term development of the company and the stabilization and securing of jobs; (4) apt assessment of the situation by union leaders; (5) a stable political climate aimed at social and economic development and the improvement of national life and the realization of policies and systems; and (6) solidarity among national centers and unity of the labour movement.

Nepalese speakers, meanwhile, gave talks on such topics as social security, industrial relations in Nepal and the role of trade unions in an era of globalization, and labour legislation revisions. These were followed by group discussions and presentations on responses to social issues toward unification of the labour movement in Nepal.

The participants made such comments as “It was very much useful for the three organizations to take part and to be able to mutually study and discuss policies for the country’s growth and for workers, transcending the barriers between them” and “I want to disseminate the importance of constructive industrial relations and so on in my organization.”


12/12ThuIndustrial relations and labour policy seminar (Day 1)
12/13FriIndustrial relations and labour policy seminar (Day 2)

Photos of the Participants

JILAF Executive Director Hisashige Danno gives a lecture.

Group discussions

A group representative gives a presentation.