Regular Exchange with the Korea Labour Foundation

A JILAF delegation visited Seoul on November 17–21 for regular exchange with the Korea Labour Foundation (KLF). JILAF began regular exchange with the Korean Economic and Social Development Commission (formerly called the Tripartite Commission) and the Korea International Labour Foundation (KOILAF) in 2004 with the aim of sharing information on the labour situation in Japan and Korea. This exchange includes alternating biennial visits to the other country.

Despite their busy schedules ahead of a presidential election for the Federation of Korean Trade Unions (FKTU) in January, the leaders of Korea’s metalworkers’ and power workers’ unions, both of whom were running as candidates in the election, made time to meet the JILAF delegation.

In discussions with the KLF on November 18, KLF Chairman Park In-sang spoke about issues currently facing the Korean labour movement, including the expansion of jobs (the roadmap to achieve a 70% employment rate) and the problem of the employment of women and working hours, which was the theme of the next day’s seminar.

On the second day, the JILAF delegation held discussions with President Kim Man-jae of the Federation of Korean Metalworkers’ Unions (FKMTU) and FKTU Secretary General Han Kwang-ho

About 25 people attended the seminar in the afternoon on the theme of “Efforts to expand the employment of women in Japan and Korea.” After opening addresses by KLF Chairman Park and JILAF Executive Hiroyuki Nagumo, JILAF Executive Director Hisashige Danno gave a report outlining employment and labour problems in Japan and JILAF Group Leader Kiyoshi Osamura reported on the efforts of RENGO (Japanese Trade Union Confederation) to realize a gender-equal society. The Korean side then reported on the five main issues involved in the expansion of women’s employment in Korea and case studies. These reports stimulated lively discussions, and the seminar ended on a high note.

On the third day the JILAF delegation visited the Korean National Electrical Workers Union (KNEWU) and the Korean Economic and Social Development Commission, where it heard an explanation of the problem of relocating the capital’s functions and the commission’s management issues and engaged in discussions.


11/17SunDiscussions with the KLF
11/18MonDiscussions with the FKMTU
Discussions with the FKTU
Seminar: “Efforts to expand the employment of women in Japan and Korea”
11/19TueDiscussions with the KNEWU
Discussions with the Korean Economic and Social Development Commission

KLF Chairman Park In-sang

Discussions with the FKTU

Discussions with the FKMTU

Visit to the FKMTU office

Discussions with the Korean Economic and Social Development Commission

JILAF Executive Nagumo addresses the seminar