Workplace Environment Improvement Seminar and Labour-Management Relations Seminar in East Timor

JILAF and the Timor Leste Trade Union Confederation (TLTUC) jointly held the Workplace Environment Improvement Seminar and Labour-Management Relations Seminar in Dili, East Timor (Timor Leste), on December 14–16, 2010, with the participation of 30 persons.
This Workplace Environment Improvement Seminar began in 2008, and so far an elementary seminar and training seminar have been held. In this evaluation seminar, the final stage of the project, union members who had participated in the previous seminars gave presentations on what labour safety and health activities they had conducted in their own workplaces following participation in the elementary and training seminars, and JILAF and the TLTUC evaluated them.
At the beginning, TLTUC President Jose Zito da Costa addressed the participants, saying, "Since an adequate labour code for workers still does not exist in East Timor, workers are not in a position to receive proper security when an industrial accident occurs. From now on the trade unions want to boost their strength and negotiate with the government to get it to create a forum for compiling a labour code for workers. In addition, I want the union leaders participating in this Workplace Environment Improvement Seminar with JILAF to take the experience back to your workplaces and relay it to other union members."
Next, in the Labour-Management Relations Seminar, JILAF Executive Director Motoo Hayashi gave a lecture on "The Role of the Labour Movement in Japan and Issues" and Field Projects Group leader Yoshiki Ito talked about "Japan's Efforts to Improve the Workplace Environment." These lectures stimulated lively question-and-answer sessions and helped to deepen the participants' understanding of these topics.
Also, in the evaluation meeting of the Workplace Environment Improvement Seminar, the participants reported on their own workplace activities. Such comments were heard as "After taking part in the JILAF seminars, I have become able to positively address the problem of safety and health in my workplace" and "Opportunities have increased to hold discussions with my workmates about the workplace environment." Regarding future activity plans as well, the seminar gave a sense of the participants' positive attitude toward improving the work environment in their workplaces.


12/14TueWorkplace Environment Improvement Seminar
12/15WedWorkplace Environment Improvement Seminar
12/16ThuWorkplace Environment Improvement Seminar

Photos of the Participants

TLTUC President Zito speaks at the opening ceremony.

Relaxing with a game

Labour-related lecture by Field Projects Group leader Ito

Participants enjoy a break.

Labour-related lecture by JILAF Executive Director Hayashi

Group discussions to compile a draft workplace environment improvement proposal for the company