ITUC-AP Coordination Meeting with GUFs and TUSSOs

ITUC-AP held its Coordination Meeting with GUFs (Global Union Federations) and TUSSOs (Trade Union Support and Solidarity Organization) in Singapore from 7th to 8th, December. Over forty participants attended the meeting from twelve TUSSO organizations, including JILAF, FES, ACILS, APHEDA, SASK and eight GUFs. From JILAF, Deputy Secretary K.Kumagai, participated in the meeting.

The objectives of the meeting were to report on the socio-economic situation and
ITUC-AP’s activities in Asia and the Pacific, to exchange information on activities and
interests of GUFs and TUSSOs in respective countries and to exchange views on trade
union issues and themes of solidarity and support.

The participants actively exchanged information on country situations, mainly
concerning Burma, Nepal, Indonesia and Cambodia. They also discussed the situation
in other countries in this region, including the South Pacific and the Middle East.

They also discussed trade union issues in this region, such as precarious and informal
work, migrant labor, the impact of the financial crisis, FTAs and IFIs (International Financial Institutions), climate change, international transaction tax, and so on.

The next meeting will be held in Singapore on December 7th to 8th, 2011.


12/07TueMeeting between TUSSOs and GUFs
12/08WedCoordination Meeting Day 1
12/09ThuCoordination Meeting Day 2

Photos of the Participants

TUSSO representatives

GUF representatives

Speech by Bro. Noriyuki Suzuki, General Secretary of ITUC-AP