SGRA Project in Nepal (November)

JILAF visited Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, and the Bhaktapur district from November 6 to 10, 2013, for the SGRA (Supporting Grass-Roots Activities through the International Employers’ and Workers’ Network) project, which is being implemented in this district.

The main purposes of this visit were to hold committee meetings bringing together local members from government, labour, and management who are playing a central role in promoting the project and also to hold an Advanced Life Support Seminar (Adv. LSS), the final one in the current fiscal year.

The seminar, which brought together about 100 network members who had participated in similar seminars from June to September, included (1) reports on activities to improve the livelihoods of people in local communities utilizing knowledge gained in the seminar and (2) explanation of the founding objectives, management methods, and member benefits of the cooperative society, called sahakari in Nepal, scheduled to be officially registered in mid-December, thereby boosting the enthusiasm of participants to join the sahakari.

In the local community activity reports, the participants divided into groups to share examples of activities among members, with representatives delivering presentations. In these presentations, many achievements were reported. Through the sharing of information gained through the seminar with community people, for example, residents had been able to apply for elderly, disabled, and childbirth allowances, to register their nationality, to obtain vaccinations and free medicine, and to deepen their understanding of the principle of the same wage for the same job regardless of gender, as well as their knowledge relating to the rights of women. This session verified once again that the Advanced Life Support Seminars, which aim to improve livelihoods, are extremely useful.

In addition, in the explanatory meeting to promote sahakari membership, an instructor of the sahakari group in the Training of Trainers (TOT) seminars and the chairman of the sahakari scheduled to be registered were invited to report on the activities of the sahakari group so far. Also, there was an explanation of the significance of the sahakari’s establishment and its envisioned activities, after which many participants expressed their intention to join.

At the time of this visit, strikes and other action were occurring around Nepal ahead of the Constituent Assembly election scheduled to be held on November 19. Since JILAF had obtained information about the unstable situation, a scheduled visit to the Parsa district, where the SGRA is being implemented, was canceled this time. Meetings and seminars for related persons in Parsa will be held at a later date.


11/06WedCentral Management Committee meeting
11/07ThuCentral Promotion Committee and Bhaktapur Working Committee meetings
11/08FriAdv. LSS in Bhaktapur

Photos of the Participants

Network members attending the Adv. LSS

Sharing experiences through group presentations

The TOT sahakari group instructor (left) and chairman of a sahakari in Bhaktapur (right)