First Collaboration Seminar with CWC in Sri Lanka

TV crew joined the seminar for broadcasting

JILAF and Ceylon Workers' Congress (CWC) of Sri Lanka jointly held seminars from September 17 to 19 in Colombo for the first time. JILAF and CWC have been cooperated for a long time in invitation program, but never had field project before. This was our first cooperation in our field project.
During the period we held two kinds of seminars: "Seminar on Legal System" and "Basic Leadership Seminar". The first seminar was targeted at Zone Directors and Regional Representatives of CWC, and the latter one was at staff member of CWC regional offices. Both seminars had a clear objective that is to make stronger union by providing staff members with proper knowledge.
The seminar on legal system was focused on industrial disputes and the program was consisted of introduction of laws on industrial disputes, maternal protection, dismissal, and so on. In the seminar on basic leadership, they gave lectures on basic knowledge about collective bargaining, industrial disputes, organizing, and so on.
In the seminars, CWC Executives told participants to work not only for workers, but also for CWC itself. We hope the participants to use their knowledge gained in the seminars to make more powerful organization.


09/17FriMeeting with CWC
09/18SatSeminar on Legal System
09/19SunSeminar on Basic Leadership Day 1
09/20MonSeminar on Basic Leadership Day 2
09/21TueMeeting with CWC
09/22WedPlantation & Factory Visit

Photos of the Participants

Introduction of JILAF activities

Brother H. Sandrasekera, senior vice president of CWC

Introduction of activities of Gender Bureau of Labour Department

Participants giving a presentation

Brother Takahashi giving certificates to participants

Group photo with participants