NTUC-I/JILAF National Workshop on Improvement of Working Environment in Nepal

Final seminar of workshop on “Improvement of Working Environment”

National Workshop on "Improvement of Working Environment" was jointly held by JILAF and Nepal Trade Union Congress-Independent (NTUC-I) from August 31 to September 2 in Kathmandu, with 46 participants.
JILAF started the project of "Improvement of Working Environment" in Nepal in 2000. 10 years have passed and now NTUC-I is in self-development phase. to Japan International Labour Foundation (JILAF) and Nepal Trade Union Congress-Independent (NTUC-I) jointly held National Workshop on Green Jobs and Decent Work in Bacolod City from May 18 to May 19, and 26 trade union leaders joined the workshop.
In the opening remarks, TUCP NACUSIP General Secretary Bro. Hernane said "
"Workers need support not only from TUCP, but also from government and management. We would like to promote activities on Green Jobs and Climate Change for not only workers but also for all people."
Meanwhile, Director of Social Policy Division, Department of Economic and Social Policy, JTUC-RENGO Bro. Toyoji Sugiyama emphasized that "Just Transition" and "Social Dialogue" are necessity to tackle climate change issues.
In the 2-days program, participants shared trade union challenges against climate change through group discussions and presentations of the session of "Understanding Climate Change", "Green Jobs and Decent Work", "Impact of Climate Change on employment, workers", "JTUC-RENGO Activities on Green Jobs" and "Developing Draft Action Check List ".
In the Philippines, it is expected that capacity of trade unions' making policy in the government and society will be increasing.


08/30MonMeeting with NTUC-I, Pre-visit to the factory
08/31TueWorkshop Day 1
09/01WedWorkshop Day 2
09/02ThuWorkshop Day 3

Photos of the Participants

Factory visit at Nepal Thai Food

Selecting pictures for Check-list Development

A participant explaining pictures selected

Participants had exciting discussion in picture selection

Report of "improvements" by a participant

Achievement report by NTUC-I