Latin America Team

The program was held online from Monday, September 13 to Friday, September 17, and from Monday, September 20 to Friday, September 24.

Opening remarks by JILAF President Nagumo

From September 13 to September 17, seven participants (including two women) from Latin America (Spanish-speaking countries) completed the entire program, and from September 20 to September 24 six participants (including three female participants) from Latin America (Portuguese-speaking countries) completed the entire program.

JILAF has been implementing its programs through "online programs" via the Internet in place of training programs that invite overseas trainees to Japan due to the restrictions on entry into Japan caused by the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).
The online program consisted of five days, with two days spent watching on-demand videos on labor-management relations and labor policy and three days of real-time online sessions where participants exchanged opinions with JILAF officers and followed lectures.
On the fourth day, during the online exchange of opinions, in addition to hearing about each country’s employment situation, after presentations were heard, a lively discussion was held about the kind of initiatives to develop in the invitees’ countries in the future.

Participants mainly proposed the following action plans.
(1) We would like to incorporate what was learned in this program into training programs for young union members, especially about the nature of labor-management relations in which labor and management engage in dialogue. (Brazil)
(2) Amid increasing restrictions on labor unions, we would like to encourage labor unions to increase their presence and significance, based on achievements made in Japan in the political, labor, and management arenas. (Colombia)
(3) In regard to labor laws, although there are significant differences between Japan and Mexico in terms of social infrastructure and other environmental aspects, these were found to be very informative. Even as a union in Mexico, we would like to actively suggest policy in regard to Japan's labor laws and enforcement situation. (Mexico)

List of Cooperating Organizations

Japanese Trade Union Confederation (JTUC-RENGO)Japanese Business Federation (Keidanren)
Japan Productivity CenterTokyo Local of the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengo Tokyo)
National Council of Workers’ Welfare

Many thanks to everyone.

Photos of the Participants

Online exchange of opinions (Spanish-speaking countries)

Online exchange of opinions (Portuguese-speaking countries)