CMTU/JILAF Seminar on Industrial Relations (IR) and Labor Policy for Mongolia

Participants (online)

On October 12 and 13, a “Seminar on Industrial Relations (IR) and Labor Policy” was held online in collaboration with the CMTU of Mongolia. A total of 126 individuals participated in this seminar.

At the beginning of the seminar, CMTU President Amgalanbaatar Khayankhyarvaa and JILAF President Nagumo delivered opening remarks and shared the main purpose and objectives of the seminar with all participants.

Next, JILAF Program Manager Morishita gave a general overview of (1) the history of the labor movement in Japan and (2) the functions and roles of Japanese labor unions (e.g., spring labor offensives, the productivity movement, and labor-management consultations) under the title "The Labor Movement and Issues in Japan During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Good Practices of Labor Unions" and explained measures to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on employment, particularly (3) the employment adjustment subsidy system and (4) the Labor Policy Council. Participants asked questions and commented on the Japanese employment insurance system and social security system, on the situation in places of medicine and in schools in Japan, and on the response of labor unions.

The CMTU then explained the “Activities and Challenges of the CMTU During the COVID-19 Pandemic” from the perspectives of (1) ensuring economic growth and supporting industry, (2) maintaining and expanding employment, (3) securing and increasing income, (4) social security issues, and (5) health and safety in the workplace.

On the second day, each prefecture reported on (1) the strained situation in places of medicine and in schools and (2) good examples of utilizing the internet. As a particularly good example of online utilization, it was reported that, despite the restrictions on activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a system was created that allows union members to connect with each other anytime and anywhere using social networking services and that regular weekly meetings are being held. In response, CMTU Secretary General Adiya Gorchinsure said, "It is wonderful to see such a progressive report from the southernmost prefecture. I hope that other prefectures will consider this as well.”
In the Q&A session that followed, participants raised various opinions and asked many questions, which were answered by CMTU while JILAF shared Japanese case studies.

At the closing ceremony, Secretary General Adiya Gorchinsure thanked JILAF and the Japanese government for their cooperation, stating, "We would like to take a cue from the Japanese labor-management consultation system and foster an attitude in which labor and management discuss and cooperate with each other at each workplace to deal with the various challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, we would like to work toward the conclusion of labor agreements.” In response, JILAF President Nagumo closed out the seminar by stating, "I agree with Secretary General Adiya Gorchinsure's idea. For a labor union, it is very important to conclude labor agreements. In concluding labor agreements, I hope that you will place importance on increasing the organization rate, in other words, not leaving any of your colleagues in the same workplace behind.”

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