Eurasia and Eastern Europe Team

JILAF invited a team of 10 persons (including 4 women) from eight countries in Eurasia and Eastern Europe to visit Japan from January 22 to February 4.

Throughout the program as a whole, the participants showed a great interest in such topics as the labour-management consultation system, the productivity movement, the Hello Work system, the role of industrial labour federations, and the spring labour struggle. They engaged in lively discussions at the places visited.
In their visit to the Tokyo Subway Workers’ Union, they were given the opportunity to take part as guests in a meeting of the Expanded Central Committee, which decided policy for the spring labour struggle. This experience enabled them to learn about the process by which the campaign policy of enterprise-based unions is decided. After that, based on the example of the unified industrial struggle of Shitetsu Soren (General Federation of Private Railway and Bus Workers’ Unions of Japan), they received a lecture on its spring labour struggle, autumn labour struggle, retirement allowance struggle, and transport policy struggle, which deepened their understanding of the role of an industrial labour federation.
In the RENGO Okinawa program, through their visit to the bread factory of Okiko Co., Ltd., the participants were able to learn specifically about the organizational efforts of the Okiko Workers’ Union and labour-management consultations on the reduction of overtime. Participants made such comments as “Increasing communication between labour and management not only through collective bargaining but also through a labour-management consultation system like Japan’s is beneficial for both sides.”
Finally, in the evaluation meeting, the participants made such enthusiastic remarks as “Information about the productivity movement and Hello Work system was a new discovery. Labour-management relations in Japan promote mutual respect and understanding. I want to introduce a job-seeking support service like Japan’s Hello Work system in my own country and also start a campaign toward productivity improvement.”

List of Cooperating Organizations

RENGO OkinawaOkinawa Labour Bureau
Hello Work OkinawaOkinawa Prefectural Government Office
Okiko Co., Ltd.Okiko Workers’ Union
Shitetsu Soren (General Federation of Private Railway and Bus Workers’ Unions of Japan)Tokyo Subway Workers’ Union
Nippon Keidanren (Japan Business Federation)

Many thanks to everyone.

Eurasia and Eastern Europe Team Participants

Azerbeijan Trade Unions Confederation(AHIK)

1.NameMr. Anar Nuriddin Mahbaliyev
 Name of organizationAzerbeijan Trade Unions Confederation(AHIK)
 PositionSpecialist of International Department
 Union experience5

Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions(BKDP)

2.NameMs. Aksana Vasilievna Kernazhytskaya
 Name of organizationPrimary-level trade union organisation of Belarusian Free Trade Union (SPB) at Bobruisk Tractor Parts and Components company
 PositionCouncil member of primary SPB union organisation and of national Belarusian Free Trade Union, OH&S inspector at the company
 Union experience13

Georgian Trade Unions Confederation(GTUC)

3.NameMr. Tamaz Dolaberidze
 Name of organizationMetallurgy, Mining and Chemical Workers'' Trade Union of Georgia
 Union experience9

Federation of Trade Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan(FTURK)

4.NameMs. Nina Osmanova Tuleugalievna
 Name of organizationFederation of Trade Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan(FTURK)
 PositionDirector of the Department of Social Economic Protection and Labour Inspection
 Union experience6

Federation of Trade Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan(FTURK)

5.NameMs. Aigul Mukasheva
 Name of organizationTrade Union of Education, Science and Culture
 PositionVice President
 Union experience15

Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine(KVPU)

6.NameMr. Mykhailo Yakovuch Volynets
 Name of organizationConfederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine(KVPU)
 Union experience26

The Cezech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions(CMKOS)

7.NameMs. Daniela Vorackova
 Name of organizationNOS PPP (Nezavisly Odborovy Svaz Pracovniku Potravinarskeho Prumyslu)
 PositionHead of Economic and Social Department
 Union experience20

National Confederation of Hungarian Trade Unions(MSZOSZ)

8.NameMr. Csaba Antal
 Name of organizationElectrolux Lehel Metalworkers Union
 Union experience10

Independent & Self-Governing Trade Union 「Solidarnlosc」(NSZZ)

9.NameMr. Radoslaw Adam Mechlinski
 Name of organizationDolny slask Region of NSZZ Solidarnosc
 PositionVice Chairman of Dolny slask Region of NSZZ Solidarnosc
 Union experience14

Independent & Self-Governing Trade Union 「Solidarnlosc」(NSZZ)

10.NameMr. Kazimierz KIMSO
 Name of organizationNSZZ "Solidarnosc" Regional Board of Dolny Slask
 PositionChairman of Dolny slask Region of NSZZ Solidarnosc and member of National Commission of NSZZ"Solidarnosc"
 Union experience32

Photos of the Participants

Visit to RENGO

Reports on the labour situation in participating countries at the “Exchange of Views on Labour Situation” meeting

Visit to the Japan Productivity Center

Discussion at RENGO Okinawa

Discussion at Hello Work Okinawa

Visit to the Department of Commerce, Industry and Labour of Okinawa Prefectural Government

Visit to the bread factory of Okiko Co., Ltd.

Lecture by Nippon Keidanren

Discussion with JILAF President Tsuyoshi Takagi