Labour-Management Relations Seminar in China

In a project that began in 2006, JILAF and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) held a labour-management relations seminar titled "The Efforts of Trade Unions in Response to the Worldwide Financial Crisis" in Beijing on July 5–6. The seminar was attended by 30 persons; Keiko Sawai, a senior researcher at the Research Institute for Advancement of Living Standards of Rengo (Japanese Trade Union Confederation), participated as an expert from JILAF.
In an opening address, ACFTU Secretary Wang Ruisheng commented, "I am very delighted that this seminar is being held in order to increase mutual understanding and cooperation between the trade unions of China and Japan. Japanese trade unions have been engaged in the productivity improvement movement for a long time and have achieved positive results. I want us to learn from each other and build good labour-management relations." Next, JILAF Executive Director-General Yoshio Takahashi, after mentioning the cooperative relations that JILAF has had with the ACFTU for many years and the temporary halt in exchange, said, "In regular exchange with Rengo last year, it was confirmed that the seminars by JILAF and the ACFTU would be resumed. Japan is facing a severe economic environment, and we definitely want to learn something from the efforts of the ACFTU in response to the financial crisis."
The seminar consisted of sessions on such topics as an overview of the labour movement, response to the worldwide financial crisis, the collective contract system and the productivity movement, and efforts related to corporate social responsibility. By alternately giving presentations in these sessions, the Japanese and Chinese sides were able to share information on the efforts of trade unions to cope with the worldwide financial crisis and to engage in discussions. In particular, it was affirmed that the collective contract system in China, which aims to protect employment and working conditions and to raise the competitiveness of companies through labour-management cooperation, is similar to the productivity movement in Japan.
After the seminar, the Japanese participants went to the city of Yinchuan in Ningxia Province, where they observed the ACFTU's efforts to combat the financial crisis being put into practice at the local level. The Japanese delegation visited a company that practices collective contract action and a worker rights support center that, among other things, offers legal consultations and livelihood assistance to workers.


07/05MonLabour-management relations seminar
07/06TueLabour-management relations seminar

Photos of the Participants

JILAF Executive Director-General Takahashi gives a talk on the Japanese labour movement.

View of the seminar

Visit to the worker rights support center in Yinchuan