JILAF, ITUC-AP, OTCI Jointly Hold 10th Youth Leadership Course (Multinational Seminar)

Participants in the Youth Leadership Course

JILAF, together with the Asia-Pacific Regional Office of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC-AP) and the Ong Teng Cheong Labour Leadership Institute (OTCI), held the 10th Youth Leadership Course in Singapore for 10 days from September 12 (Tuesday) to 21 (Thursday).

JILAF has been holding this course together with the ITUC-AP and the OTCI since 1992 with the aim of fostering young trade union leaders in the Asia-Pacific region. This year’s course, the 26th in total, was attended by 35 people (of whom 16 were women) from 21 countries and 1 region. Assistant Secretary General Ryo Saito and Executive Director Takao Yasunaga attended from JILAF

At the opening ceremony on the first day, JILAF Assistant Secretary General Saito and ITUC-AP General Secretary Shoya Yoshida gave addresses on behalf of the organizers. During the 10-day program, on September 13 Assistant Secretary General Saito delivered a lecture titled “Social and Economic Development and the Social Role of the Labour Movement,” in which he kicked off the training by proposing issues. The participants deepened their understanding of changes in the situation surrounding workers being brought about by globalization, the present condition and prospects of national economies in Asia, and the role of trade unions.

On the next day, September 14, Executive Director Yasunaga delivered a lecture titled “Toward the Building of Constructive Industrial Relations,” in which he outlined the origins of Japanese trade unions, the present state of trade unions in Japan, the functions and role of Japanese trade unions, the three guiding principles of productivity, and the importance of social dialogue, sharing his specific experience of building constructive industrial relations in the workplace. Many participants commented that the workplace experience talk had been extremely useful.

In the afternoon of the same day, Deputy Director Yuki Otsuji of the JILAF Thailand Office held a workshop on the theme of “Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue.” The participants played the roles of employers and trade unions in mock collective bargaining, with Executive Director Yasunaga giving them advice. The workshop enabled participants to actually experience the feelings and perspectives of both labour and management.

On September 16 Deputy Director Otsuji gave a lecture on the main theme of “Productivity Improvement toward Employment Stability and the Building of Constructive Industrial Relations,” in which he again shared Japan’s experience on such issues as the productivity movement, the three guiding principles of productivity, 5S activities, and kaizen activities. (The 5S refer to the Japanese words seiri [tidiness], seiton [orderliness, seiso [cleanliness], seiketsu [standardization], and shitsuke [discipline]. Kaizen means the continuous improvement of shop-floor work and is an effective means of raising productivity.)

In their compilation of action plans, the participants set such goals as sharing information about Japan’s constructive industrial relations with trade unions and employers in their own countries and organizing young and female workers through the establishment of youth and women’s committees.

As well as the lectures from JILAF, the participants heard various lectures from the ITUC-AP and the OTCI on such topics as globalization and the role of trade unions, gender equality, social safety nets, and organization strategy. The course ended with the participants compiling and presenting activity plans.


09/12TueSeminar day 1
09/13WedSeminar day 2
09/14ThuSeminar day 3
09/15FriSeminar day 4
09/16SatSeminar day 5
09/17SunSeminar day 6
09/18MonSeminar day 7
09/19TueSeminar day 8
09/20WedSeminar day 9
09/21ThuSeminar day 10

Photos of the Participants

Opening ceremony

Group discussions