SGRA Project in Nepal (September)

the Participants in the SGRA Project

From September 17 (Sunday) to 22 (Friday) JILAF visited Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, for the SGRA project (Supporting Grass-Roots Activities through the International Employers’ and Workers’ Network), which is being implemented with grants from the Japanese government (Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare).

During the visit a Joint Regional Working Committee (JRWC) meeting was held in Kathmandu, attended by the main members of the Regional Working Committees consisting of representatives of local government, labour, and management. There was also a seminar in preparation for the establishment of an SGRA cooperative society (sahakari) in Lalitpur (one of the 14 districts most seriously hit by the 2015 earthquake.

From the point of view of strengthening and developing the project in the districts where it is being implemented (Bhaktapur, Morang, and Parsa), and promoting its complete independence there, the participants in the JRWC meeting shared information on their management experiences, achievements, and issues, as well as best practices, and discussed means of overcoming problems.

At both the JRWC meeting and the seminar in Lalitpur, Naohiro Tsukamoto from the research department and senior researcher Yukari Nishio of Japan’s Zenrosai Kyokai (National Association for Workers’ Welfare and Cooperative Insurance) spoke about the basic thinking behind mutual aid, the transformation of workers’ mutual-aid insurance and Japan’s experience in promoting it, and management methods.

In addition, Deputy Manager Katsuya Kurioka from the Secretariat of Chuo-Rofukukyo (Central Council of Workers’ Welfare Associations of Japan) spoke about welfare activities for workers in Japan.


09/19TueSeminar on establishment of SGRA cooperative society
09/20WedJoint Regional Working Committee meeting

Photos of the Participants

Opening ceremony

JRWC meeting

Presentation of seminar completion certificate

Lecture by a speaker from Zenrosai Kyokai

Chef training

Lecture by a speaker from Chuo-Rofukuyo