SGRA Project in Thailand (August)

Photos of Participants

 A meeting of the Khon Kaen Working Group was held in the northeastern Thai province of Khon Kaen on August 17 for existing network members (organic riceberry, or red rice, farmers) to discuss and confirm, among other things, the establishment and introduction of an SGRA credit union mutual-aid insurance menu (fire insurance), which will be a first in the four countries where the SGRA project (Supporting Grass-Roots Activities through the International Employers’ and Workers’ Network) is being implemented.

 At the opening of the meeting, Director Teruhiko Sekiguchi of the JILAF Thailand Office and a member of the Khon Kaen Working Group explained the content of the mutual-aid fire insurance service and targeted subscribers. Also, in response to the spreading floods in northeastern Thailand due to worsening weather, the participants discussed know-how concerning the building of a harvesting system to enable farmers to secure a regular income even at times of natural disaster.

 In addition, a follow-up seminar on entrepreneurial support, organized by the State Enterprise Workers Relations Confederation (SERC), was held in Bangkok on August 19 for 25 existing network members (sewing home workers). (The follow-up seminar used a business startup support tool developed by the International Labour Organization [ILO].) A SERC executive gave a lecture on such topics as (1) the need for household budget improvements and savings, (2) the establishment of an SGRA credit union (Mutual Aid and Savings Group), and (3) the contents of Article 40 of the Thai Social Security Act (for informal-sector workers) and enrollment procedures, after which the participants actively engaged in group work toward livelihood improvement through business startups.


08/17ThuKhon Kaen Working Committee meeting
08/18FriFollow-up seminar on entrepreneurial support in Bangkok

Photos of the Participants

Rice pot support in Khon Kaen

Discussions concerning mutual-aid fire insurance in Khon Kaen

SERC follow-up seminar