SGRA Project by the JILAF Thailand Office in Laos (July)

Members of the Oudomxay Working Committee

 JILAF held a follow-up seminar for coffee farmers, a working committee meeting, and other events in Champasak in southern Laos on July 14–15.

 On July 14 there was a follow-up seminar related to the improvement of marketing for 30 existing network members (coffee farmers). After opening addresses, a Japanese coffee export specialist gave a lecture on know-how concerning overseas exports and the production of high-quality coffee beans. The same specialist gave specific advice on quality improvement and other matters at a coffee cultivation and production facility.

 On July 15 a meeting of the Champasak Working Committee was held at a center for victims of human trafficking in the district of Pakse in Champasak Province. Ten people attended the meeting, including representatives of victims of human trafficking as well as representatives of local government, labour, and management. The meeting heard about the present state of human trafficking in Champasak and issues. In light of this content, the participants discussed activities from now on to attract new network members.

 Since many young people (especially girls in their late teens) in the village where new network members reside have a desire to go to Thailand to work, the participants agree to implement an educational campaign to prevent people from falling prey to human trafficking, as well as various other activities, such as a Life Support Seminar and skill development training to help people find jobs and work in Laos.

 On July 25–26 a Life Support Seminar for 23 new network members (banana plantation workers) and a working committee meeting were held in the northern province of Oudomxay.
At the Life Support Seminar on July 25, after opening addresses, Director General Ounkham Boungnaseng of the Labour Protection Department at the Lao Federation of Trade Unions (LFTU) and Deputy Director Yuki Otsuji of the JILAF Thailand Office spoke about the purpose and objectives of the seminar. Members of the Oudomxay Working Committee (composed of representatives of local government, labour, and management) then acted as instructors, giving lectures on labour law, the social security system, and the improvement of household accounts and hearing about the issues faced by network members (harsh working environment, harm from agricultural chemicals, etc.).

 On July 26 the current fiscal year’s second meeting of the Oudomxay Working Committee was held with the participation of 11 representatives of local government, labour, and management. After reflecting on the Life Support Seminar held the previous day, the participants discussed and confirmed specific activities from now on, including (1) the implementation of skill development training relating to health and safety, (2) efforts toward the establishment of an SGRA cooperative society, and (3) efforts to improve the livelihood of network members and their families (protection of children not receiving education, etc.).


07/14Fri7/14 Follow-up seminar on the improvement of marketing for coffee farmers
7/15 Champasak Working Committee meeting
07/15Sat7/25 Life Support Seminar for banana plantation workers
7/26 2nd Oudomxay Working Committee meeting

Photos of the Participants

Oudomxay LSS

Follow-up seminar in Champasak

With representatives of human trafficking victims