New School Building Completed in Bhaktapur (School Project for the Eradication of Child Labour)

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 As a part of its international social development activities, JILAF has been implementing the School Project for the Eradication of Child Labour in India and Nepal for many years in cooperation with the national centers in those countries. This project involves the operation, in cooperation with local national centers, of one school in India and nine schools in Nepal, providing educational opportunities to children who are unable to attend ordinary schools due to family poverty or other reasons.

When Bhaktapur, in central Nepal, suffered a large earthquake in 2015, the school there became unusable. Labour and management at Toto Ltd. then stepped in by donating funds for its restoration and reconstruction, and a ceremony to commemorate the completion of the new school building was held on April 13. The ceremony was attended by a total of 84 persons, including representatives of Toto’s labour and management, JILAF, the headquarters and regional branch of the Nepal Trade Union Congress (NTUC), and the local government, as well as school-related personnel (including pupils, parents, and graduates) and the media. The attendees included Toto Senior Executive Officer Ujisada Hirano (general manager of Toto’s Human Resources Division); Keiji Kawamoto, chair of the Central Executive Committee of the Toto Union; and Naoki Kabe, general secretary of the Toto Union.
 At the ceremony, addresses were given by JILAF Assistant Secretary General Ryo Saito, Toto Union Central Executive Committee Chairman Kawamoto, Toto Senior Executive Officer Hirano, Acharya, member of the Nepalese Constituent Assembly, and NTUC President Khila Nath Dahal, after which Toto labour and management presented a commemorative plate to school representatives. Next, the Toto toilets installed in the new school building were unveiled, and Toto Union General Secretary Kabe gave a demonstration of how to use them, after which commemorative gifts were presented to a student representative. Expressions of gratitude were then given by representatives of pupils and parents, and the ceremony ended with a closing address by NTUC Bhaktapur District President Bishunu Khadka. Reports of the ceremony were carried in the media, including the Nepal Samacharpatra newspaper.


04/13ThuNon-regular conduct of school meeting
04/14FriBhaktapur new school building completion-celebrating ceremony

Photos of the Participants

School management meeting

Teacher training

Presentation of commemorative plate